Why Am I in Pain?

https://www.spine-health.com/video/spine-anatomy-interactive-videoIf you are in pain, it is a warning from your body that something is not working properly on the inside. The pain itself can limit your quality of life, and dealing with the pain becomes difficult and exhausting. Understanding the underlying problem, the cause of the pain, is even more difficult and confusing. Whether you know what the source of your pain is or not, our goal is to help you understand the underlying issue, what is happening within your body, and ultimately help you determine how you can eliminate pain and suffering.

Understanding the problem is fundamental to finding the solution!

You may or may not know that the nervous system controls all systems and functions within your body and can make or break how you feel on a daily basis. When the nervous system is healthy and performing at its best you will feel great and can accomplish all of your goals.

If any part of your nervous system is injured, blocked, or dysfunctional you will feel pain, weakness, and other difficult to deal with symptoms.

Spinal Joint Dysfunction (SJD)

When your spinal column is aligned perfectly and the nerves are working well, signals within your body are sent from your brain to your muscles, tissues, and organs. These signals allow the body to perform all the functions and tasks it needs to, with ease.

Spinal Joint Dysfunction (SJD), also known as Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), occurs when bone in the spinal column is out of place, blocking the flow of the nerves that run through its path. This dysfunction can create problems with your muscles and tissues and the organs that are innervated by the affected nerves.

Spinal Joint Dysfunction explains the symptoms we see in a long list of neuromuscular disorders such as neck and back pain, pain in the extremities such as shoulders and legs, headaches neurological issues. All of these conditions are a result a nerve blockage within the spinal column causing reduced or completely blocked communication of the signal to and from the brain. The symptoms will be different depending upon which area of the spinal column is impaired and how much communication is affected. This means that the body is not using its own energy properly. This can occur for many reasons; injury, degeneration, and overuse of poor posture and bad bodily habits.

Check out this interactive spine to see how nerves from different areas of the spine control different parts of your body. You will be amazed.

The Nervous System Can Be Improved

Nervous system function can be improved. Scientists have proven that when a Specific Spinal Segment Manipulation or Spinal Alignment, is performed the part of the spinal column that is out of place is gently guided back into its proper position. Many people refer to this as a “Chiropractic Adjustment” because it adjusts the spine, ever so slightly, back into its proper place to help your body work and feel better. When the spine is in its proper place, optimal functioning is restored to the nervous system and affected muscles, organs, and tissues perform better. What does this mean for you? Your pain will be relieved and you will feel better, faster.

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